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Elle’s Annual Women In Music Issue

Elle’s annual Women in Music issue!

I always love working with musicians because it usually means that I’m going to have a lot of fun, and this shoot was no exception. With this shoot I was able to work with two of the freshest talents on the music scene –Tinashe & Halsey! Their music has been on rotation in my salon for quite some time so I was super excited to have the opportunity to work with them, especially for ELLE magazine!



I couldn’t be happier to have gotten the chance to work with Tinashe! I love her single “2 On!” For her look, my assistant Jennifer Vanel assisted me in creating these gorgeous thin French braids or cornrows.  This look will always be edgy and powerful to me and I expect to see many more girls rocking this look more often! It’s so perfect for the summer!


I love me some Halsey! She’s a ball full of fun just like her music! Blue is her signature color, so we definitely wanted to highlight that for this shoot by painting it all over her body. I played up the texture of her hair and pulled it all to the side for super cool vibe. Pick up June’s ELLE magazine – on newsstands NOW!

Even in music, #gibsongirlsruletheworld.



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Elizabeth Banks’ Met Ball 2015 Ponytail


The vibe was super cool with Elizabeth tonight! She’s been doing press all over the world for Pitch Perfect 2. I was just in Philadelphia with her yesterday and she was so excited about tonight’s gala! We talked about who was sitting at her table and how much fun she was going to have. Tonight’s theme is China: Through the Looking Glass and I think her turquoise Michael Kors dress suited the occasion perfectly. Given the theme, I didn’t think about romance at all. My first thought was for her hair to be chic, sexy and straight. I think straight hair always evokes a certain sensibility most girls love and appreciate. I know Elizabeth’s look had to be off of her face to compliment the makeup. I also knew I wanted her to have a ponytail, but not any ordinary pony. It had to be architectural in feel and cutting edge. This ponytail is not for the light hearted girl! Here’s how to get the look.

1)      As an editorial hairdresser, to begin I knew that I didn’t want her hair to be freshly shampooed. Day old hair makes styling so much easier! I started by spraying her hair with L’Oréal Professionnel Densité thickening primer at the scalp for density and root elevation. I then gave her a quick ted gibson blow dry with medium heat and power using a flat Mason Pearson brush. Since her hair was already dry I didn’t need the extra heat.

2)      After her blow-dry I applied a dime sized amount of L’Oréal Professionnel Architexture to her hair to provide form, structure and definition.and flat ironed it straight.

3)       I then sectioned her hair from recession to recession in a horseshoe section. Then, I parted her hair down the middle from the crown to the nape of the neck.

4)      Next, I put her hair in 2 ponytails at the crown of her head.  I then applied L’Oréal Professionnel OR Graphic gel to the sides of her hair for added hold and sleek, smooth shine.

5)       I then fastened the 2 ponys with a bungee elastic so that they were close together.

6)      Then, I added 4 rows of clip-in extensions over the top of the 2 ponys to add length. I flat ironed the extensions and then pulled the hair left out in the horseshoe section over the 2 ponytails.

7)      As I was working and forming her ponytails I was sure to spray L’Oréal Professionnel Infinium 4 hairspray for a dry, strong hold without any sticky residue to hold my work in place.

8)      After her ponytail was set, I placed a Sylvain Le Hen barrette at the base to widen it for a geometric shape and for added Asian flair.

9)      Once my work was complete, I finished her off with L’Oréal Professionnel Extreme Lacquer hairspray for added hold, shine and to fight frizz … and just like that… she was ready for the Oscars of Fashion!

Remember, Beauty Is Individual.


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Two Days With Hilary Duff!
When I received the call from my agent a few weeks ago about working with Hilary, I jumped at the chance. You probably think why would a 40-something gay man want to work with her. She is a pop superstar and I love working with really cool girls. And she didn’t let me down—she is super talented, super cool and just one of my girls from home. She is a Texan like me.
The first day was for press starting at 5am. GMA was the first stop then MTV news, Associated Press, AOL, and the Wall Street Journal. It was a fun day.
I blew dry her hair with a volumizing product at the scalp and a mouse and gel on the mid-lengths and ends. Using a boar-bristle brush, I round-brushed her hair to perfection. Then, I used a 1-and-half inch curling iron to give texture. Ladies, the way to create this wave is to take one-inch sections horizontally all over your head sprayed with a light control hair spray and there you have it, beautifully tousled hair. I changed her hair for the rest of the day, parting in a messy side-part and pulled everything around the back of the head, so it was effortlessly cool.
Day 2:
I got to sleep in a little and started the day at 5:45am. Hilary was doing The Chew first thing this morning, then my friend Rachael Ray ( who is also a #gibsongirl), then had a little lunch, then Access Hollywood. We actually did a little shopping in Soho, which was fun. Nope I didn’t buy anything.
This time it was all about a straighter texture. I blew dry her hair with subtle volume today, so I used only a styling cream. Then, I flat-ironed her hair but when flat ironing it wasn’t about giving the hair complete straightness, it was to smooth the cuticle down.
This brings us to the premiere of “Younger” on TV Land. All I have to say is wowza.  I wanted her look tonight to be sexy, cool and modern. I did just that, since her hair had hairspray from the morning/afternoon, and  I only used a medium barrel iron just on the mid-lengths and ends then finger-combed to create this look.
She looked beyond gorge.


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