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Two Days With Hilary Duff!
When I received the call from my agent a few weeks ago about working with Hilary, I jumped at the chance. You probably think why would a 40-something gay man want to work with her. She is a pop superstar and I love working with really cool girls. And she didn’t let me down—she is super talented, super cool and just one of my girls from home. She is a Texan like me.
The first day was for press starting at 5am. GMA was the first stop then MTV news, Associated Press, AOL, and the Wall Street Journal. It was a fun day.
I blew dry her hair with a volumizing product at the scalp and a mouse and gel on the mid-lengths and ends. Using a boar-bristle brush, I round-brushed her hair to perfection. Then, I used a 1-and-half inch curling iron to give texture. Ladies, the way to create this wave is to take one-inch sections horizontally all over your head sprayed with a light control hair spray and there you have it, beautifully tousled hair. I changed her hair for the rest of the day, parting in a messy side-part and pulled everything around the back of the head, so it was effortlessly cool.
Day 2:
I got to sleep in a little and started the day at 5:45am. Hilary was doing The Chew first thing this morning, then my friend Rachael Ray ( who is also a #gibsongirl), then had a little lunch, then Access Hollywood. We actually did a little shopping in Soho, which was fun. Nope I didn’t buy anything.
This time it was all about a straighter texture. I blew dry her hair with subtle volume today, so I used only a styling cream. Then, I flat-ironed her hair but when flat ironing it wasn’t about giving the hair complete straightness, it was to smooth the cuticle down.
This brings us to the premiere of “Younger” on TV Land. All I have to say is wowza.  I wanted her look tonight to be sexy, cool and modern. I did just that, since her hair had hairspray from the morning/afternoon, and  I only used a medium barrel iron just on the mid-lengths and ends then finger-combed to create this look.
She looked beyond gorge.


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Idina Menzel’s Mid-length Glamour

image001 (2)

I styled Idina Menzel’s hair last night for her surprise appearance at the Academy Awards. Here, the step-by-step on how I created the look.

1)      I started off on damp hair and applied a blowdrying spray for volume and texture, mousse for even more volume and styling gel for sleekness.

2)      I then rough dried her hair. It’s important to use a nozzle when blowdrying hair because it creates constant heat and direction.

3)      After the blow dry, I parted her hair in a deep side part for volume and ultimate shine. I then sectioned off the hair from ear to ear and pinned the top section of her hair using a dual bristle brush of nylon and boar for separation, volume and smoothing.

4)      Next, I attached a mid -length fall. This is a great way to create a faux bob for yourself without having to cut your hair!

5)      I then curled her entire head using a mid – sized marcel iron.

6)      Next, I backcombed the top of her head to give her that classic, youthful yet Old Hollywood look. I finished with holding spray to keep it all in place and she was ready to face John Travolta!

Remember, Beauty Is Individual.



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How To Get Idina Menzel’s Super Bowl Waves

I’ve been in Arizona since Wednesday working with Idina for all of her press leading up to the game. The atmosphere here is amazing, even though it’s rained quite a bit. The stadium at the University of Pheonix has been buzzing with energy all week. I even got a chance to take a pic with the some of the Sea Gal cheerleaders during Idina’s Access Hollywood interview!


The whole week Idina has been fantastic – super happy so ecstatic to follow behind the likes of Whitney Houston, Beyoncé and Cher in singing the national anthem! I am so honored to have been able to be a part of this incredible moment in her life. The look I created for is her favorite and is classic Idina – the gibson girl wave!

1)      I started off with freshly shampooed and conditioned hair. Idina’s look is all about effortless texture – to help achieve this I applied 3 different products to her hair before blow drying. At the root I used Kerastase Volumfique mousse for volume, on the mid shaft and ends I applied Kerastase’s Volumfique spray, then on top of that I used Kerastase’s Densimorphose mousse. I find that the combination of these products give hair amazing body, texture and lift. The stylists in both my NYC and Fort Lauderdale salons use these products and the rest of the Kerastase line on all of our gibson girls and guys.

2)      Next, I dried her hair by rough-drying with my fingers at first and finished with my dual bristle round brush to smooth out the cuticle.

3)      Once her hair was dry, I parted her hair down the middle for that classic girl next door look. To achieve the waves, I used a 1 ¼” curling iron and taking 1” sections, wrapped it around the base of the iron leaving the ends out. This trick is the difference between your mother’s curls and the effortless wave that is EVERYTHING right now. I finished the wave by flat ironing the ends.

4)      Another key step to this look is to finger through the waves with your hands. This softens the wave and helps to blend them together.

5)      To make sure that she was ready for her big moment, I sprayed her hair with L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray Extra Strong Hold and she was off!


Remember, Beauty Is Individual.


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