Mark Cosmetics Campaign With Ashley Greene

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The whole idea behind this particular campaign featuring Mark Cosmetics spokesperson Ashley Greene is a youthful, sexy girl. My specialty!

The brand took their former vibe with Lauren Conrad and just tweaked it a bit to make it more sophisticated and chic.

I did a total of 5 looks for this shoot. I started with Build It Blow-drying Spray for root oomph, then applied some Fix It Gel for lamination before blow-drying. I used a medium-sized iron and instead if having loose waves, this was a more structured effect. I like to wrap the hair around the iron horizontally for a firmer curl. When I want it softer, I opt for vertical. I then alternated curling down vs. away from the face for a slightly haphazard look. We did several looks for the campaign including an updo and a pulled back ‘do, as well.

What do we think of this look on Ashley? Remember, Beauty Is Individual.

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