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Gibson Girls, did you catch my hair glossary segment on Rachael Ray this week?  On the show, I defined mystifying hair terms for the consumer. We discussed things like overlay, which means the hair is shorter underneath, longer on top, like how Rihanna used to wear her mane. We talked about bangs and all the different types, for example Rooney Mara’s are blunt. It’s important to know how to adapt that bang to suit your face.

Regarding color, ombre came up. People are still really loving it. It’s still really hot. I think it looks best if it’s not so exaggerated or if it’s a different color. Keep it within the same shade range and you’re MAJOR. For instance, I love Giuliana Rancic’s ombre lately.  And if you can make it so that it’s a little red, blue or green? So cool. It’s updated, modern and not as drastic as not-found-in-nature colors used to be. Say bye to the stigma!

Check out the segment here.

Remember, Beauty Is Individual.

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